Orbit Live

Arena’s Orbit Live a grand success features Pixar, DreamWorks, Prime Focus, Toonz & more!

Live projects

Students got once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to work on live projects for Karbonn Mobile & to re-create their favourite Hollywood movie in 60 seconds. Conducted by Talenthouse, these live projects saw students racing the clock to animate a logo for Karbonn Mobile and to finish editing & recreating a complete movie within just 60 seconds. If one of these movies is selected for the Grand Prize, the winner will get to attend the Empire Awards in the UK in March 2014.

The registrations of Orbit Live 2015 has already started. Please visit the below link for further details :


ORBIT Live National Winners From Bapujinagar Arena Bhubaneswar, ODISHA.

Learning at Orbit 2014 :
    Industry experts conducted sessions and workshops on topics including :

  • Principles of animation by Vaibahv More (Vaibahv More Films)
  • Art of visual expression by Siddharth Maskeri (Void Films)
  • Compositing by Ginilal Salunkhe (VFX artist)
  • Character design by Vaibhav Kumaresh (Vaibhav Studios)
  • Acting & timing for animation by Vaibahv More (Vaibahv More Films)
  • Color grading for films & TV productions by Vikrant Batra (UCOL, New Zealand)
  • Art of motion graphics by Prashant Mahanta (WOT Production)
  • Camera & visual storytelling by Mehul Hirani (ARTO Animation)
  • Ideating in imagery by Prosenjit Ganguly (The Forest Floor Studios)
  • Foley Sound Design for Animation by Roto Shah (Sound Designer & Composer)
  • Future of Digital Media by Meghna Singla (Google India)