News & Events

Throughout the year, Arena Animation, Bapujinagar organises various events including student-industry interactions, exhibitions of student work, seminars by industry experts, and hands-on workshops. These events give students the opportunity to explore their creative talents, meet senior industry professionals, develop their skills, and gain an insight into career opportunities in animation, multimedia, VFX, gaming, and the film industry. Students also participate in national & international-level competitions which allows them to compete against the best in their field.

Some of the popular events organised by Arena Animation, Bapujinagar are:

Orbit Live

Arena Bapujinagar’s Orbit Live is a power packed, 4-day, mega learning event for students around the world. The event is held in India but attracts senior professionals and students from across the globe. Arena Bapujinagar students get to learn under the guidance of internationally acclaimed experts, practice on the latest tools and software, showcase their skills to experts, interact with industry leaders, benefit from their experience, and get a chance to be counted among the best talents in animation & multimedia from the world over.


Kalakari is the first-ever event by the artists, for the artists in the training industry. Kalakari is all about experiential learning through traditional art forms. It is a colourful showcase of art, fun contests and handicrafts, and is steeped completely in creativity & culture. The event is truly an amalgamation of traditional art & culture and new-age technology.