Web Design & Multimedia

  • ID: 150

Web designing is a very exciting career choice! Web designers build cool & engaging websites with interactive pages and navigation. Web developers write code & setup software to add complex features & advanced functionalities to websites & portals.

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    • ID: 149

    Animation is not only about making cartoons or drawing caricatures; it is the art of creating an illusion of movement and bringing to life everything around you. With sharp skills and the right training, you can have a high-paying career. In fact, senior animators can work with studios and earn Rs. 5 lakh per year*.

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      • ID: 148

      Arena Animation International Program – Visual Effects (AAIP – VFX) is an intensive career course that will train you in all aspects of visual effects. The course helps you create special effects for films, TV shows, ads, games, digital media, etc. You can learn 3D modeling, digital sculpting, character animation, rotoscopy, and more.

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        • ID: 78

        Are you addicted to Angry Birds, Farmville, Temple Run, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider, Max Payne & other similar games? You too can create your own games!

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          E- Learning

          • ID: 64

          Digital Media Pro3 is a comprehensive 3-in-1 program that trains students in all aspects of Web Designing, E-learning & Gaming.

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            Short- Term Courses

            • ID: 63

            Arena Animation offers quick, short-term courses to students & working professionals who wish to sharpen their skills in one or more tools or software.

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